Updates and Sourdough Bagel Recipe tweak

I’ve made a couple of changes to the recipe for Sourdough Bagels, primarily I’ve added an ingredient list for making an even dozen as well as rephrasing a few of the comments to make some of the steps a little more clear. Hop over to the recipe here if you haven’t seen it yet.

They’re still awesome bagels. If anyone has given them a try or has questions, please don’t hesitate to comment (on that page).

Just so you know, I haven’t been ignoring the blog. I have been baking bread but because I’m really repeating a couple of the recipes I’ve found successful, I haven’t updated the blog in the last while. As well, several of the loaves I’ve made are tester recipes from Peter Reinhart’s upcoming book and of course, I can’t talk about or show pictures of them. The book is expected to come out later this year.  No, I’m not claiming special status, there are some 500 people putting the recipes through their paces to make them as clear and logical as possible, so I’m just one of VERY many. But that is one reason I have not been updating as often as I’d like.

Another reason is that my dagnabbed oven has gone weird again and burned a couple of batches. For no good reason, it decided to drop 200º from 500 to 300ºF then figured it would be fun to get back up to 500º by switching on the broiler element. Only. All on it’s own. If it could have fit through the kitchen window, I’d have gladly tossed the damn thing outside. Fortunately, the window is small and we didn’t have to go get a replacement right away.

I’ve been watching it like a hawk during baking though. Cursing. And wishing I could afford to drop $1500 on a good new oven. Alas, I cannot. So until some money fairy drops an extra grand into my bank account, I need to be vigilant when baking, ready to intervene at any sign of some weird temperature fluctuation.

I hates that GE oven.

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