We’re Opening a Bakery!!

Well, it’s been a fairly long time since I last added much to this blog. In the last few years, I’ve moved from the restaurant bakery job I had right after school to a more local market bakery where I worked for about two years. But now I’m moving on to the newest venture which is beyond exciting:

I’m opening a bakery!

This has been in the works for several months now and we’re finally getting near the end of the process and hopefully within the next few weeks, we’ll be able to officially announce that our doors are open.

So who is “we”?

My “cohort in crime” here is Hailey Mannynvali (pronounced “Man In Valley”) who holds the official position of Pastry Geek, while I am the shop’s Bread Head. We worked together at the Country Market Bakery in 2014-2015 and were given this amazing opportunity to build and run our own place.

It is located in the south end of Nanaimo, BC on Vancouver Island (map here, should you happen to be nearby) and is part of the Southgate Shopping Centre. The space is not terribly large so we won’t be running a café at the same time but instead focussing on amazing artisan breads made, as much as feasible, with local and/or organic grains and fresh ingredients. Local farm eggs, real milk and butter and, of course, plenty of sourdough goodies.

On the pastry side, Hailey will be offering endless delicious treats including a few cakes, tarts, mille-feuilles, and much, much more, all made with skill and passion. Again, natural, fresh ingredients are the order of the day. We don’t take the term “artisan” lightly and hope that our dedication to excellent, carefully crafted products will be with as much enthusiasm from our customers as it gets from us.

We are, of course, on the interwebs and you can find us on Facebook as well as our own website for more in-depth information, once we have time to work that side up. It’s been rather hectic, to say the least, for the last several months.

Above: Some photos of the building progress. What was just a big empty box is nearly looking lke a bakery now, since the counters and cooler/freezer units went in. The other photos are of products we’ve made previously – there’s no oven here yet! – and are just a teeny tiny example of what we’ll carry in the shop.

As of this writing (Nov 8th) we’re waiting for delivery of our pastry display case, our gorgeous deck oven and a few other big items. We’ll be (we hope) painting the space this week, getting the signage finished and installed both in and out, adding the rest of the equipment and then we can start actually making breads and pastries in our new digs. I cannot tell you how much I’m looking forward to getting back to baking after a few months focussing entirely on setting the shop up. I’m absolutely itching to make loaves of beautiful breads as is Hailey to get back into producing gorgeous deserts.

So hop over to our Facebook page and be sure to hit “Like” so that you can be notified of updates as they come up. We’ll also have some deals and giveaways there every now and again.

And if you’re in the area, make sure to come visit, check out the new space, get yourself a loaf or two of bread and maybe a couple of sweet treats for the road!

We hope to see you soon!!

9 Replies to “We’re Opening a Bakery!!”

    1. Thanks, Bren. It’s a heck of a lot of work, planning, waiting, working, painting, waiting, sourcing, financing, bookkeeping, waiting, and way too much depends on the alignment of the stars on particular day. But it’s nearly there now (about 2 more weeks, if there are no more delays) and I’m itching to get baking again.

  1. I hope you come back and share your adventure. You have been so helpful in teaching us how to make sourdough bread. I’m sure your loaves are phenomenal. If I lived there, I would buy your bread. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Anne Marie! At some point I’m hoping to get back to the blogging part of the blog but for now I need to concentrate on the bakery.

      I definitely plan to get back here and detail the process and all the ups and downs of starting a brand new bakery from scratch. There’s a lot of stuff we learned along the way, people who helped us out, others who were less helpful… and plenty of drama around getting stock and equipment. It would have made an interesting reality show, I’m sure.

      So keep an eye out or subscribe up on the top right for updates and maybe, sometime soon, one of those will be me starting that story.

      And yes, the bread IS actually really good. Tonight’s batch of sourdough was particularly lovely, I must say. Beautiful colour, great ears, and it even sang. I should have taken a photo…

  2. Wow, very so exciting news. I also have that dream.please don’t stop sharing your baking guides ! and good luck paul.

    1. Thanks! It’s going OK, we still haven’t hit the golden “five-year point” where you’re more likely to make it a long haul deal, but it’s looking pretty good.

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