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2 May, 2010

Non-Miche Miche

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When is a Miche not a Miche? Or perhaps more to the point what is a Miche? “Miche” basically, is the French term for a very large loaf of bread, somewhat rustic and typically shaped round and flat. Probably one of the most famous miches around at this time is the Miche Poilâne which comes from the
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3 April, 2010

Bagels (yes, again!) – a MellowBakers bread

Bagels (yes, again!) – a MellowBakers bread
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Bagels! Yes, I’m blogging about bagels again, for the third (or is it fourth?) time. Previously, I made and blogged bagels for the BBA Challenge from Reinhart’s book and a couple of other times based on Mike Avery’s recipes for Sourdough Bagels. While the Reinhart version was good, the Avery Sourdough were decidedly better. But
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9 March, 2010

Mellow Bakers: group baking at an easy pace

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I had mentioned in the last post of the the BBA Challenge, that I wanted to perhaps continue doing a bake-along with others, although not something as “big” again as the entire set of recipes in one book. So far, a few of the BBA members have said that they might be interested in a
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