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3 April, 2011

Pain au Levain

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April’s breads for include three variations on Pain au Levain from Jeffery Hamelman’s book . Today’s entry is for the first of the three, simple Pain au Levain. This translates to Sourdough Bread. One thing that Hamelman makes a point of noting is that this bread is not given a long, slow retardation overnight.
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21 March, 2011

Normandy Apple Bread

Normandy Apple Bread
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Trying to catch up on the breads I missed over the last few months while moving across the country, I chose to do the Normandy Apple Bread from our February list over at Again, this bread took a bit of pre-set up preparation although not as convoluted as yesterday’s Aloo Paratha. The ‘unusual’ aspects
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15 October, 2010

Pane Al Fromaggio

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… or more simply Cheese Bread, as it’s actually called in  This is bread #21 in the Mellow Baker’s Challenge to get through all 84 recipes in the First Edition book. Yes, we’re now at about the 1/4 mark. If you have the book and want to give it a go, it can be found on
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