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11 September, 2011

Convert & Scale a Recipe

Convert & Scale a Recipe
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Recently, new member Beckamojo over on the Mellow Bakers enquired about getting a white sandwich bread recipe to use in her 13 in x 5 in x 5 in Pullman pan.  She was having a few issues with her trials at making a Pain de Mie from a US (cups-based) recipe including not knowing how
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21 March, 2011

Aloo Paratha

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Coming in at #48 for the group, Aloo Paratha is a savoury filled Indian flatbread. Like all Mellow Baker breads, it was sourced from Hamelman’s book  and can be found in the Miscellaneous section on page 282. Note that the has dropped this recipe, so I’ll give the details here. DOUGH: 2 3/8 cup
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