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9 March, 2010

Mellow Bakers: group baking at an easy pace

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I had mentioned in the last post of the the BBA Challenge, that I wanted to perhaps continue doing a bake-along with others, although not something as “big” again as the entire set of recipes in one book. So far, a few of the BBA members have said that they might be interested in a
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19 October, 2009

Why Discard Starter: A Mathematical View.

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You see this question pop up all the time in sourdough discussions: “Why do I have to discard? I hate the idea of throwing anything away. Can’t I just keep feeding the starter?” Although reducing the waste we produce as a species is a good thing, there are times when it’s actually more logical to
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5 May, 2009

Bread Baker’s Apprentice Challenge #BBA

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PinchMySalt, a.k.a. Nicole of the (yummy and gorgeous)¬†PinchMySalt blog, has set up a challenge that will surely prove tobe a ton of fun and very educational. She’s invited people, novice or otherwise, to join in and do all the recipes in the great Peter Reinhart book (Click the link or cover below to get your
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28 April, 2009

New stove’s here! More bread imminent!

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Hooray and yippeee! My god, what a load of buttons! Pre-heat, RAPID Preheat, Bake, CONTROL Bake, Convection, Broil… and a whole bunch more for the cook top, as well as other things there’s not buttons for (“Accutemp”, etc.), Steam Cleaning, Double Burners, when to use the Rapid Preheat and when not to…¬† I can see
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