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12 June, 2010

The Vermont Sourdough Trilogy

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One of the breads that came up in the June list for was the Hamelman Vermont Sourdough, a bread I’ve made before a number of times and posted about here several tries on the blog. The cool thing, however, is that because we’re group baking through all 85 recipes in Hamelman’s awesome book ,
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16 April, 2010

When good bread goes a-rye.

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Sometimes, things just don’t work the way they’re supposed to. So I’ll just say right out of the gate I’ll be redoing this one because something went quite wrong here. Wanna see? This is the “short version”, there are lots more photos that, had this worked out, would be in here too, like the usual
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18 March, 2010

Hot Cross Buns! First MellowBakers bread

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Well, here we go, the very first bread in the group bake! Having run to the store the day before to pick up candied lemon peel, I was all ready today to get this bread started up. The whole recipe, which is from Jeffery Hamelman’s book , should take about 4.5 hours or so
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28 February, 2010

Roasted Onion & Asiago Cheese Miche

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Here it is, the final bread in Peter Reinhart’s  and also the last bread in the BBA Challenge which began back in May of 2009. Is it really almost a year ago? Wow. Well, about 43 weeks in all since the idea was to make one bread every week and this is bread #43. Granted,
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20 February, 2010

Potato, Cheddar & Chives Bread

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Here we are at the 42nd recipe in Peter Reinhart’s with only one more to go in the BBA Challenge. This is, I’m hoping, a good counterbalance to the previous White Bread that was a bit lackluster and will help to close up the Challenge with a bit of a bang. This recipe, as well
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