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15 October, 2010

Pane Al Fromaggio

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… or more simply Cheese Bread, as it’s actually called in  This is bread #21 in the Mellow Baker’s Challenge to get through all 84 recipes in the First Edition book. Yes, we’re now at about the 1/4 mark. If you have the book and want to give it a go, it can be found on
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1 August, 2010

Baguettes with Poolish

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Here we are at bread no. 17 for the Mellow Bakers, Baguettes with Poolish from Hamelman’s amazing book,  “What, baguettes again? Didn’t you just do these last month?” Yes indeed, I did baguettes last month. However, these are different! This time around, the dough is made with a poolish pre-ferment (equal parts flour and water plus
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