Liquid vs Stiff Starter: Do I need both?

Which type of starter will be most beneficial? The question of stiff vs liquid starter has recently been bought up here on Yumarama and […]

3 comments, Paul, September 4, 2011

Why Discard Starter: A Mathematical View.

You see this question pop up all the time in sourdough discussions: “Why do I have to discard? I hate the idea of throwing […]

8 comments, Paul, October 19, 2009

The Waste Conundrum

On bread discussion boards where people talk about their sourdough starters, invariably you will see posts written by people who are concerned about the […]

7 comments, Paul, January 20, 2009

Home Grown: Starting from scratch vs bought

Considering that sourdough has been around for thousands and thousands of years, long before the introduction of grams, temperatures gauges, refrigerators, electric ovens, or […]

No comments, Paul, May 24, 2008

Starter Recycling: What to do with the extra

As you feed your starter, you’ll probably realize that there’s stuff you can do with it but need a bit of help figuring what. […]

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