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4 September, 2011

Liquid vs Stiff Starter: Do I need both?

Liquid vs Stiff Starter: Do I need both?
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Which type of starter will be most beneficial? The question of stiff vs liquid starter has recently been bought up here on Yumarama and since it was discussed over on Mellow Bakers previously previously, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to carry that conversation across to the blog as well. Someone recently asked what the point was between
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19 October, 2009

Why Discard Starter: A Mathematical View.

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You see this question pop up all the time in sourdough discussions: “Why do I have to discard? I hate the idea of throwing anything away. Can’t I just keep feeding the starter?” Although reducing the waste we produce as a species is a good thing, there are times when it’s actually more logical to
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20 January, 2009

The Waste Conundrum

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On bread discussion boards where people talk about their sourdough starters, invariably you will see posts written by people who are concerned about the amount of flour or old starter they end up tossing away, especially during the creating-the-starter phase. There seems to be much fretting and worrying that so much product is simply going
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24 May, 2008

Home Grown: Starting from scratch vs bought

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Considering that sourdough has been around for thousands and thousands of years, long before the introduction of grams, temperatures gauges, refrigerators, electric ovens, or even the idea that the world wasn’t flat, one would think starting your own starter is a breeze. Maybe it is, but I had a heck of a time myself. And
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