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9 May, 2010

Official Errata from Jeffrey Hamelman

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Just a fast note for anyone who bakes from the wonderful book “Bread:  A Baker’s Book of Techniques and Recipes“ by Jeffrey Hamelman: Mr Hamelman has very kindly sent me a copy of his most up to date Errata for the First Edition of the book and has asked that I share it with everyone. This
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13 November, 2009

How big is a cup? Flour volume vs flour weight

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How much does a cup of flour weigh? Here’s a question that seems to pop up on a fairly regular basis in the bread forums. Someone sees a recipe that requires 3.5 cups of flour, or one that looks for 368g of flour. Either way, they’re used to the other method of measuring and they
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28 April, 2009

New stove’s here! More bread imminent!

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Hooray and yippeee! My god, what a load of buttons! Pre-heat, RAPID Preheat, Bake, CONTROL Bake, Convection, Broil… and a whole bunch more for the cook top, as well as other things there’s not buttons for (“Accutemp”, etc.), Steam Cleaning, Double Burners, when to use the Rapid Preheat and when not to…  I can see
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