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Recommended Books

Below are some recommendations for books suggested for bread bakers of various levels.


Curious about those recipes taken from the book Bread by Jeffrey Hamelman?

Here’s where I got all those recipes plus a ton of amazing info on bread baking technique. Much, much more than just a collection of recipes, it’s a thorough and detailed bread baking course in your own hands. And now there is the new and updated 2nd Edition available! It contains 30+ new recipes, updates to many of the previous recipes, expanded educational section and new illustrations & photos.

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Jeffrey Hamelman

Jeffrey Hamelman

Jeffrey Hamelman is an award winning baker with more than 30 years experience and the Director of the Baking and baking Education Center for King Arthur Flour in Vermont, USA. He has been an instructor (and baker) in several countries, including France, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Brazil and Japan.

This epic book is very highly recommended when you want to bump up your skills and expand your repertoire. With 145 recipes in 496 pages, it’s the book the MellowBakers started working through (twice!).

The recipes are given in both Imperial Weights (pounds & ounces) and Metric Weights (kilograms) for bakery-sized batches of dozens or more loaves, in US volumes (cups & teaspoons) for home-sized batches (2 or 3 loaves), and include Baker’s Percentages for easy batch size changes.


While both a bit of a travelogue and a collection of recipes, Maggie Glezer’s book “Artisan Baking” offers the reader a depth on insight into the mindset of bakers who strive to keep the art of bread baking alive while competing with Big Business bake factories for the soul of the average person.

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(Note that the original 2000 hard cover version of the book was titled “Artisan Baking Across America: The Breads, the Bakers, the Best Recipes” and can still be found but for rather steeper prices due to its growing rarity.)

Glezer travelled across the US and visited artisan bakeries both large and small to interview the people who’s passion for hand crafted breads is evident. Many of their personal stories are described along with their philosophies as well as their shop formulas.

Beautifully photographed, the book gives behind-the-scenes glimpses into each bakery and lets the reader feel as if they’ve stepped into the warmth and wonderful aroma that is to be found in these oases of tradition and care.

A lovely book to have even if you don’t bake but love bread, it’s even more rewarding to ‘bake along’ with the artisans and produce a variety of beautiful loaves.

The book includes 35 varied recipes from 22 different bakeries. The recipes are given in volumes, ounces, grams and baker’s percentages.


Curious about the recipes I made from Peter Reinhart’s book “The Bread Baker’s Apprentice”?

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Peter Reinhart is an award winning baker and teaches at the Johnson & Wales University for the renowned culinary academy. In this book, Reinhart’s easy teaching style comes through as he demonstrates, with the use of hundreds of beautiful photos, the process of creating some 36 different breads. As with most good bread baking books, a portion of it is dedicated to teaching the why’s and wherefores of bread, not simply giving out recipes.

This book is perfect for the novice and the experienced alike. It should be in most every baker’s library.

Recipes are given in volume and US weights (ounces, not grams) and a sidebar box gives Baker’s Percentages.


This is the course book used by the world renown San Francisco Baking Institute (often written simply as SFBI), headed by master baker Michel Suas.

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Consisting of over 1000 pages, this is a vast and detailed education in both breads and pastry. Lushly peppered with beautiful photos, it not only gives directions on how to make the beautiful collected product – well over 500+ items – but goes into the reasons and technical explanations behind the processes. If you want to bake pretty much anything, chances are pretty decent you’ll find it in here.

Although it is aimed at students looking to work in a professional setting and therefore give larger volume amounts (such as 5 cakes), the recipes are all given in a “tester” size which makes one home-sensible size. The recipes also offer gram weights and imperial weights (Lb & Oz) which means they are perfect for use with your digital kitchen scale.

There will be a bit of sticker shock when you check out the price for this book but it is so well put together that it is certainly worth considering as a valuable addition to your baking library. Reinforce the bookshelf, however; it clocks in at over 7 pounds (3 kg +).

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