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3 April, 2010

Bagels (yes, again!) – a MellowBakers bread

Bagels (yes, again!) – a MellowBakers bread
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Bagels! Yes, I’m blogging about bagels again, for the third (or is it fourth?) time. Previously, I made and blogged bagels for the BBA Challenge from Reinhart’s book and a couple of other times based on Mike Avery’s recipes for Sourdough Bagels. While the Reinhart version was good, the Avery Sourdough were decidedly better. But
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4 January, 2009

A Cautionary Tale

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It happens. You’re going along, baking your bread and you just know something is amiss but you keep going because it’s not really feasible to halt the process when everything’s in progress, the oven’s on, the water’s boiling, the bread’s been proofing… There’s no turning back now! So I’m sick. Not not “sick” as in
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16 December, 2008

Exploring Bagels

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I thought I’d give a try to making bagels since it is something we tend to get fairly regularly and you-know-who seems to forgo the wonder-bread like qualities that tends to be lacking in the other loaves I’ve made. The bagels you see below are made following the sourdough bagel recipe found on the recipe
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