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19 September, 2009

Light Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread

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Here we are at  Challenge recipe #18. Wow, we’re almost half way! This time, were’ making what is  expected to be a more typical sandwich bread, what your basic sliced white bread from the grocery store should be like. Except much tastier, of course and without all the chemical preservatives. Personally, fluffy bread like this isn’t
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10 September, 2009

Lavash Crackers

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Ah, crackers. Simple, straight forward snacking yumminess. I had done these previously, long before  Challenge came about. At that time, I thought they were pretty good and, for crackers, totally snack-a-licious. So I was interested to see how these would turn out now that I have a little more bread baking experience under my belt. I
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10 July, 2009

Corn Bread: Breakfast in a slice.

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Corn Bread: Breakfast in a slice. This is recipe #10 (1/4 of the way there! [almost]) in  Challenge. By now we know the drill: look up the recipe, translate the ounce weights to grams for better accuracy and get all our ingredients set up for the Mis en Place. So let’s get this show going. Wait!!
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4 July, 2009

Cinnamon Raisin Bread

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More cinnamon goodness!! With this ninth recipe in the  Challenge, we’re making what is generally a “treat” style bread, or at least it was when I was growing up. Only very, very occasionally would we be lucky enough to see a loaf of raisin bread show up in the weekly groceries. Having now made this loaf,
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