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7 October, 2013

Baking By Hand Give-Away!

Baking By Hand Give-Away!
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Yumarama.com is happy to offer our readers a chance to score a copy of the book Baking By Hand: The authors, Andy and Jackie King, run a bakery, A&J King Artisan Bakers in Salem, Massachusetts, where they create a delicious and extensive line of hand-made breads and pastries. Here a brief description of the book from
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9 May, 2010

Official Errata from Jeffrey Hamelman

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Just a fast note for anyone who bakes from the wonderful book “Bread:  A Baker’s Book of Techniques and Recipes“ by Jeffrey Hamelman: Mr Hamelman has very kindly sent me a copy of his most up to date Errata for the First Edition of the book and has asked that I share it with everyone. This
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