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10 July, 2009

Corn Bread: Breakfast in a slice.

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Corn Bread: Breakfast in a slice. This is recipe #10 (1/4 of the way there! [almost]) in  Challenge. By now we know the drill: look up the recipe, translate the ounce weights to grams for better accuracy and get all our ingredients set up for the Mis en Place. So let’s get this show going. Wait!!
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22 June, 2009

Cinnamon Buns… OF DEATH!! (A #BBA challenge recipe)

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There were no objections to this latest  Challenge recipe.  Odd, that. We’re now on recipe number eight, out of 43 as we work through the entire list of recipes. As already noted in a previous post, I skipped Challah and Ciabatta as I’d already made both of them before. So here we are at the next
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17 June, 2009

Casatiello Bread for #BBA Challenge

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I went out and bought the “special” ingredients needed for this Casatiello, an Italian “cousin” of the eggy French brioche and the fifth recipe in  Challenge. The 200 gram of Calabrese salami and the 250 gram chunk of Provolone cheese cost $12. Yipes, I thought, this had better be damn good bread. Just as a test
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29 May, 2009

Brioche: a quasi-fail (#bba)

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Sometimes you think you’re doing the right thing but it turns out you’re not. This was one of those times. Although, in reality, it’s a small problem and nothing that can’t be resolved by EATING THE EVIDENCE. Still, it would have been nice to get it a little closer to “right”. Woe is me. Let
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16 May, 2009

Artos: #BBA Challenge Bread No. 2

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Recipe number two in the  Challenge series is “Artos: Greek Celebration Breads“. In the preamble, Peter Reinhart tells how this is a holiday and festival bread that cover multiple variations. The basic recipe is easily turned into “Christpsomos”, a Christmas loaf, by the simple additions of raisins, cranberries and walnuts or into “Lambropsomo”, an Easter loaf, by adding raisins, dried
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