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11 December, 2009

Recipe: Cranberry Pistachio Biscotti

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This is the recipe used in the companion Step-by-Step Biscotti Treats post. With a festive mix of red cranberries and green pistachios, these make a tasty surprise any time of year but also a lovely winter holiday gift. This recipe was derived from TheFreshLoaf.com as supplied by member MimiCT.

11 December, 2009

Biscotti Treats

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Just as a change of pace, I decided to step out of the BBA Challenge for a bit and do something a little off the beaten track. I ran across a couple of intriguing recipes for Biscotti while perusing TheFreshLoaf.com and decided to give these Italian coffee-time cookies a whirl. They seemed like a relatively
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10 September, 2009

Lavash Crackers

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Ah, crackers. Simple, straight forward snacking yumminess. I had done these previously, long before  Challenge came about. At that time, I thought they were pretty good and, for crackers, totally snack-a-licious. So I was interested to see how these would turn out now that I have a little more bread baking experience under my belt. I
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10 July, 2009

Corn Bread: Breakfast in a slice.

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Corn Bread: Breakfast in a slice. This is recipe #10 (1/4 of the way there! [almost]) in  Challenge. By now we know the drill: look up the recipe, translate the ounce weights to grams for better accuracy and get all our ingredients set up for the Mis en Place. So let’s get this show going. Wait!!
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