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1 August, 2010

Baguettes with Poolish

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Here we are at bread no. 17 for the Mellow Bakers, Baguettes with Poolish from Hamelman’s amazing book,  “What, baguettes again? Didn’t you just do these last month?” Yes indeed, I did baguettes last month. However, these are different! This time around, the dough is made with a poolish pre-ferment (equal parts flour and water plus
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20 July, 2010

French Bread times Eight

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French bread, one of the most iconic styles of all, especially the baguette style. This was bread no. 15 in our Hamelman series for the Mellow Bakers. This specific variety is a “straight dough” which means that all ingredients are combined at one without pre-ferments and other secondary steps. Mix it, proof it, shape it,
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29 June, 2010

Bialys: Little pockets of Yum!

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Bread number 16 in the Mellow Bakers‘ roster of recipes from Jeffrey Hamelman’s amazing book  are Bialys, the plural form of Bialy and pronounced “bee-Al-ees” – yes, I had to look it up. It’s a small yeast roll that originated from Jewish bakers in Bialystok, Poland. It looks somewhat like a bagel but without the hole.
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12 June, 2010

The Vermont Sourdough Trilogy

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One of the breads that came up in the June list for MellowBakers.com was the Hamelman Vermont Sourdough, a bread I’ve made before a number of times and posted about here several tries on the blog. The cool thing, however, is that because we’re group baking through all 85 recipes in Hamelman’s awesome book ,
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