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10 October, 2009

Pane Siciliano

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Our second Italian bread in The Bread Baker’s Apprentice, Pane Siciliano is recipe #23 in the BBA Challenge. New in the process is the use of semolina flour, a flour made of durum wheat which is often used in making pasta. It is a slightly gritty flour and has that distinct yellow cast to it
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21 August, 2009

Pane Italiano: Molto Delizioso

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Here we are with Italian Bread, recipe #15 in  Challenge. (And no, I won’t butcher the Italian language for this one any more than I just did.) This recipe was pretty much a repeat of the French bread I made two weeks back so the steps along the way are nearly identical. The most obvious difference
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11 February, 2009

Mambo Italiano

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Today’s bake was, again, from . As I had about 9 ounces leftover of the biga used in the Potato Rosemary bread, I decided to use it up for another loaf before it’s three days expiry ran out. Looking through the BBA, I saw a recipe that I could use it up with and decided on
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