The Handmade Loaf by Dan Lepard to be MellowBakers.com’s next project

The Handmade Loaf becomes our Group Baking focus With Jeffrey Hamelman’s wonderful “” now completed, the Mellow Bakers have chosen to set their collective […]

2 comments, Paul, January 21, 2012


Roasted Potato and Onion Bread

Let’s start by pointing out that my oven is still very questionable. I had noted that when the oven hit it’s desired temperature – […]

4 comments, Paul, July 16, 2011


Ciabatta with Poolish pre-ferment

I had a long weekend, being just before Easter, so I decided to try some of the breads in the Mellow Bakers Hamelman Challenge that I […]

3 comments, Paul, April 24, 2011


Pain au Levain with Whole Wheat

Here we are with the last of the Pain au Levain triumvirate, the Whole Wheat variation, all of course from Jeffrey Hamelman’s great book […]

2 comments, Paul, April 19, 2011


Pain au Levain with Mixed Sourdough Starters

Same but different. Bread No. 51 for the MellowBakers.com Hamelman Challenge is a slight variation of the last bread I posted, the Pain au […]

11 comments, Paul, April 10, 2011