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27 July, 2009

English Muffin Loaf, Mike Avery style

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Decided to make something today to try and use up some of the extra sourdough I have hanging around. So I hunted around and came across this recipe from Mike Avery’s SourdoughHome.com website. We’re probably all familiar with English Muffins, whether bought from the bread shelf at the local grocery or, if you’re lucky, home
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3 April, 2009

Updates and Sourdough Bagel Recipe tweak

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I’ve made a couple of changes to the recipe for Sourdough Bagels, primarily I’ve added an ingredient list for making an even dozen as well as rephrasing a few of the comments to make some of the steps a little more clear. Hop over to the recipe here if you haven’t seen it yet. They’re still awesome
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18 January, 2009

Sourdough Bagels Recipe

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Now that I’ve made Mike Avery’s Sourdough Bagels a few times over, (below is my slightly modified version of that recipe) I’m very happy with the results. These sourdough bagels are coming out nice and golden with a dense and slightly chewy crumb, a good crust and terrific flavour. I’ve done one round of the Bagel
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