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19 April, 2009

Do-It-Yourself Butter

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If you think butter only comes form the dairy case now-a-days, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Since we’re out of the bread baking loop until our crappy GE “Burn-O-Matic” oven gets replaced, I thought I’d add this little gem of an entry found on the always tasty, beautiful and very educational JoePastry blog: How to
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3 April, 2009

Updates and Sourdough Bagel Recipe tweak

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I’ve made a couple of changes to the recipe for Sourdough Bagels, primarily I’ve added an ingredient list for making an even dozen as well as rephrasing a few of the comments to make some of the steps a little more clear. Hop over to the recipe here if you haven’t seen it yet. They’re still awesome
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18 January, 2009

Sourdough Bagels Recipe

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Now that I’ve made Mike Avery’s Sourdough Bagels a few times over, (below is my slightly modified version of that recipe) I’m very happy with the results. These sourdough bagels are coming out nice and golden with a dense and slightly chewy crumb, a good crust and terrific flavour. I’ve done one round of the Bagel
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3 June, 2008

World’s Best Pancakes: starter discard rescue recipe

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For the home baker who keeps a sourdough starter, every time you feed that starter you have to reduce the quantity or face possibly ending up with an Olympic sized pool’s worth of starter.  When you are baking maybe three loaves a week, and even if you refrigerate the starter for a week or two,
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24 May, 2008

Home Grown: Starting from scratch vs bought

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Considering that sourdough has been around for thousands and thousands of years, long before the introduction of grams, temperatures gauges, refrigerators, electric ovens, or even the idea that the world wasn’t flat, one would think starting your own starter is a breeze. Maybe it is, but I had a heck of a time myself. And
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