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29 June, 2010

Bialys: Little pockets of Yum!

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Bread number 16 in the Mellow Bakers‘ roster of recipes from Jeffrey Hamelman’s amazing book  are Bialys, the plural form of Bialy and pronounced “bee-Al-ees” – yes, I had to look it up. It’s a small yeast roll that originated from Jewish bakers in Bialystok, Poland. It looks somewhat like a bagel but without the hole.
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6 September, 2009

Kaiser Rolls

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Today’s blog post will be relatively quick. The main reason being that these Kaiser Rolls, recipe #16 in  Challenge, were made at the same time as I was baking the Vermont Three Ways which was, of it’s own accord, a bit of a challenge. The end result being that there weren’t a lot of photos
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