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18 March, 2010

Black Bean Soup (or Dip!)

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Here’s a recipe found on RecipeZaar.com that we make somewhat regularly (and “we” here meaning Punkin specifically, I just get to taste test and blog it). It’s spicy, zippy and bursting with yum. The nifty thing about this is that the day it’s made, we eat it as a hearty soup. That takes care of 2 of
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19 January, 2009

Spicy Squash Soup

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Since man cannot live by bread alone (unfortunately), I though I’d add a recipe for an incredibly tasty soup so that you’d have a good reason to have MORE bread. This recipe specifically lists butternut squash, ergo it’s name, “Spicy Butternut Squash Bisque”. But since that doesn’t happen to be what we grew in the
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