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22 June, 2009

Vermont Sourdough – Redux & Step-by-Step

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Since I decided to skip the next two breads in the challenge, these being the challah (yet another egg bread and one I’ve done before)  and the Ciabatta (again, previously done) I decided it was time to get me some tasty sourdough. Since I was on my own that week (Punkin being off visiting the
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30 October, 2008

Vermont Sourdough, round two

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This time I used the Carl starter which has a little more tang. The loaves were in the oven for 30 minutes but at 420ºF – at least that’s what I set the oven at – as opposed to the 40 minutes at 460ºF the recipe calls for. Like this:Like Loading…

24 October, 2008

Vermont Sourdough

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Yeah, it’s been a few months. Not that I haven’t made bread, I have, numerous batches in fact. But they were really mostly “sandwich” bread and all basic yeast things. Not as tasteless as store bought “Wonder” type stuff (which they were meant to replace) but not terribly exciting, either. On the up side, these
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