Potato Rosemary Boules

Not a whole lot to discuss on this one other than to say I’ve been wanting to make these for quite a while but never had the brainpower to make extra mashed potatoes. At least until recently.

This is from a recipe in Peter Reinhart’s The Bread Baker’s Apprentice and I didn’t make any changes to the recipe, being the first try at it.

Well, ok, one or two very minor changes: he asks for fresh rosemary, I only had dried which I soaked for an hour while the dough was warming up. He says to mix in roasted garlic – didn’t have any. I guess next time I’ll have to make that ahead of time along with the extra mash.

Anyway… here’s the final product, first try (slashed a bit too deep) and the loaves are still cooling so I haven’t cut or tasted yet but boy-oh-boy, does the house ever smell wonnnnnnderful!!

Potato Rosemary Bread
Potato Rosemary Boules

An hour later…

…and I can finally slice! And taste!!

Woah, nice bread! The dough gets a brushing of olive oil before it goes into the oven and this has kept the crust soft and thin, as did the lower 400ºF baking temp. (or thereabouts until I get a “real” thermometer). But the flavour is extremely nice, the rosemary is distinct although not too strong. The potato has given the crumb a very tight texture and keeps it nice and soft.

All in all, I’ll say this is one of the better loaves I’ve made yet. And it meets all the requirements of the Sliced Bread Lover in the house. It’s not going to last long…

Oh, I suppose you might want a peek inside? Note that by the time I took these slice pics the sun had gone down (it’s february after all) and the lighting is still in need of getting worked out better. But that’s besides the point, I suppose. Enjoy.

Potato Rosemary, Sliced
Potato Rosemary, Sliced

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    1. The recipe is from the Bread Baker’s Apprentice, you can find it in the ads to the right here —>
      It’s a great book too, well put together.

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