BREAD by Jeffrey Hamelman, 2nd Edition

Order your copy of Jeffrey Hamelman’s

Bread: A Baker’s Book of Techniques
and Recipes

This new Second Edition of the original landmark 2004 book from Jeffrey Hamelman includes:

  • 140 recipes, including 40 new ones
  • Many tweaks and updates to the previous recipes
  • 252 illustrations of step-by-step techniques
  • 41 full-color photographs
  • Updated information on working with locally grown whole grains, understanding trends in milling technology, and teaching hand mixing techniques.

This edition is slated to be available mid December 2012, just in time to be found under your local holiday shrubbery.

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Happy baking to all!


2 Replies to “BREAD by Jeffrey Hamelman, 2nd Edition”

  1. Hi Paul,

    Do you think it’s worth it buying the second edition if you own the first one? I think I’ve learned the most from Hamelman’s bread book, it’s simply amazing. Too bad the cover art is ugly compared to the first one 🙂

    Kind regards,
    — Wouter Groeneveld.
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    1. Hi Wouter,

      I haven’t yet seen a new copy of the book – it’s due to hit the stores in the next couple of weeks – so I can’t really say yea or nay on that score. As soon as my copy comes in (Jeffrey is sending me one as a gift so I’m not really needing to weigh the cost of getting a newer copy) I’ll look it over and see if it is worth upgrading. As I’ve noted on Mellow Bakers, my old copy is literally falling to pieces so a new one is worthwhile for me on that point alone. I suspect it’s going to be a bit of a personal judgment call. With 30+ new recipes, tweaks to a few old ones and a slightly expanded/updated info section, it may prove worthwhile for some, not so much for others. But I’ll just need to see it firsthand to really tell if the content is worth the price of an upgrade.

      And yes, from what I’ve seen, the cover isn’t exactly stunning. Which is kinda sad since the book would likely catch more buyers with a snappier cover and educate more people. Maybe it will be more impressive in real life? (I’m not holding my breath on that 😉 )

      Hope the baking is going well for you!

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