Baking By Hand Give-Away! is happy to offer our readers a chance to score a copy of the book Baking By Hand:

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The authors, Andy and Jackie King, run a bakery, A&J King Artisan Bakers in Salem, Massachusetts, where they create a delicious and extensive line of hand-made breads and pastries.

Here a brief description of the book from Amazon:

Keep your mixer in the closet as Andy and Jackie King teach you long-forgotten methods that are the hallmarks of their exceptional bakery. In their book Baking By Hand, they’ll take you through all of the steps of making amazing bread, from developing your own sourdough culture, to mixing by hand, traditional shaping techniques and straight on to the final bake. Most importantly, you’ll learn the Four-Fold technique—the key to making the kind of bread at home that will simply be top tier in any setting.

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Want a chance to get a copy of Baking By Hand in your own hands?

Yumarama is giving away ONE BOOK to a lucky reader and getting your entry in is easy. Simply enter through the widget form below, and you’ll have one entry! But wait, there’s more! You have a chance for four extra entries, too. Answer the question posted for one extra entry, “like” A&J King Artisan Bakers on Facebook for one entry, Tweet about the giveaway for TWO entries! After the raffle closes at 12:01 a.m. on Nov. 25 2013, we’ll randomly selected one entry from all valid entries and announce the winner here. Within 48 hours, we will contact them at the email address submitted to let them know they’ve won and get the required details to ship them their awesome new book.

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Note that the draw is restricted (for reason of shipping costs) to US and Canadian readers only.

Also, on Tuesday Oct 29th, I’ll be posting the recipe for Fougasse from the book (with permission, of course) right here on the blog for you to check out and try at home. I will also be trying out a recipe for Classic Apple Tart from the book as well as posting a review of the book itself.

And you can visit the official book’s blog page here at where you can grab a couple more recipes!

Be sure to check out these new Yumarama posts in the next few weeks and sign up for the raffle! You could be getting your own copy of Baking By Hand soon!

2 Replies to “Baking By Hand Give-Away!”

  1. Hiya
    Amazing where you end up in the www.
    I’m in Manchester UK and Thursday was googling what went wrong with my bread (I try every month or so, fail, get disheartened) and one place led to another and suddenly I discovered sourdough – going from one site to another conflicting or lack of information ………. getting somewhat confused about growing my own yeast and how much should go in – weight or volume – and what happens to what comes out …… ended up reading your article ‘Why discard starter’ and it really made me laugh 🙂
    So ……. whilst here I’ve visited a lot of your blog archive, read about scales and why I do need to work in grams. I’m a lot clearer on how to start and no longer aprehensive since, as you pointed out there’s only a bit of flour at stake if it all goes wrong !
    And just to keep me on track continuing with my baking efforts I’ve ordered the ‘Baking by Hand’ book from Amazon UK.
    So …… thank you for being here and lifting my spirits 🙂

    1. Hi from the other side of the pond!

      It’s good to keep in mind that, with all the very different ways suggested to create a starter, one thing should come clear: there’s no “one way” and a LOT of different ways that (mostly) all get you there eventually. The most important step involved is probably patience , that one looks to be the biggest hurdle people run into.

      If you do give it a go and run into issues, you can always add a comment under the appropriate step’s post and I’ll try to help out.

      Glad to hear you picked up the Baking By Hand book; I’ve got my review copy (I’ll be posting a review on here in the next several days) and so far it looks like a good resource to have on hand, even for those just starting out.

      Keep those spirits up and don’t despair in your bread baking efforts – we were ALL new at this at one point! And keep in mind: you will learn MUCH more from the errors than you would if everything always came out perfect.

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