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3 August, 2009

Stretch and Fold (again)

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I figured that, since I have these steps already photographed for another entry, mainly the Vermont Sourdough post here, I may as well include them separately as their very own little “Stretch and Fold show and tell” . More show than tell, mind you. I hope this helps to show the technique well and let
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5 May, 2009

Bread Baker’s Apprentice Challenge #BBA

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PinchMySalt, a.k.a. Nicole of the (yummy and gorgeous)¬†PinchMySalt blog, has set up a challenge that will surely prove tobe a ton of fun and very educational. She’s invited people, novice or otherwise, to join in and do all the recipes in the great Peter Reinhart book (Click the link or cover below to get your
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