4 - Batch Baked

Bagels: For the fine Redditors

Recently, I made a batch of bagels and posted a bit about over on Reddit, here’s the much more expanded version, with recipe. THE […]

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What is Artisan Bread? asks Zak the Baker

A nifty, hopefully inspirational video post today. Zak The Baker Wynwood Bakery & Cafe is located in Miami, Fla. The video shows owner Zak preparing numerous […]

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Cinnamon Buns: glazed and iced

Cinnamon Buns, Oh My!

I’ve been pumping out a small batch of cinnamon buns at work every day for the last couple of weeks. Thought I’d just pop a […]

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Digital Scales: Which Weigh To Go?

I’ve run into a few questions of late that involve the weighing of ingredients. Some of the writers mention that they don’t have a […]

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Meet Renée, le petit Boulanger

Meet Renée, the Boulanger at Le Pain de Molitg | flour-and-spice-blog. Here’s a great post (one of several so far) from the relatively new […]

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