Wood Fired Oven Week!

Pin It! And into the third week of the Bread Baking section here at VIU, we enter the Wood Fired Oven station. This is, […]

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Baking 101: Doughnuts and Cinnamon Rolls and Stollen (oh my!)

In this second week of the Baking 101 segment of our course, Kevin and I entered the Sweet Yeasted 2 station which involves, primarily, […]

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Baking 101: Croissants and Danishes Week

We recently completed the Pastry 101 leg of the Professional Baking and Pastry Arts course here at the Culinary Institue at Vancouver Island University, […]

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All Flours Are Not Equal

What would happen if you ran out of bread flour but still wanted to make bread? Or the store had an awesome sale on […]

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Gingerbread Bakery

   As I recently noted, one of the projects we have to do on behalf of the Vancouver Island University is build a gingerbread house. This […]

6 comments, Paul, November 26, 2011