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21 August, 2009

Pane Italiano: Molto Delizioso

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Here we are with Italian Bread, recipe #15 in  Challenge. (And no, I won’t butcher the Italian language for this one any more than I just did.) This recipe was pretty much a repeat of the French bread I made two weeks back so the steps along the way are nearly identical. The most obvious difference
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3 June, 2008

World’s Best Pancakes: starter discard rescue recipe

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For the home baker who keeps a sourdough starter, every time you feed that starter you have to reduce the quantity or face possibly ending up with an Olympic sized pool’s worth of starter.  When you are baking maybe three loaves a week, and even if you refrigerate the starter for a week or two,
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24 May, 2008

Starter Recycling: What to do with the extra

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As you feed your starter, you’ll probably realize that there’s stuff you can do with it but need a bit of help figuring what. In this entry I’ll touch (and link) on a few potential ideas. Now for anyone who’s in the process of building a starter from scratch, the portions you discard are not
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