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20 September, 2009

Twisting it up: Marbled Rye

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Yeah!! Rye bread! Here we are at recipe #19 in The Bread Baker’s Apprentice Challenge and finally into my fave type of bread. Rye breads are flavourful, strong breads with distinct character that can stand up to almost any combination of bread and food, from cheese to soups to basic spreads, without being beaten down.
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22 January, 2009

Step aside, Zorro!! A new slashing tool just got added!

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I’d been trying to “make do” for a while with whatever seemed like an acceptable tool for slashing the dough loaves and using a small, very sharp but flat-bladed paring knife acceptable, though not exactly great.  I knew that a “tomato knife” was a great tool to use because it has the large scallops in
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25 May, 2008

Tools of the Baking Trade

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What I’m about to list here is what I’ve managed to collect so far or feel I need to cobble together a useful bread making set up. It’s not necessarily ALL the toys and gadgets and must-haves one must have but it’s what seems to be a decent starting point. Anyone who cares to suggest/recommend
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