LG Oven Problems or How To Put The Brakes on Baking

As those of you who pop into this blog now and again may know, we recently moved from Ontario to British Columbia and as such are now living in a new (to us) house with new (as in recently bought) appliances. One such major item is an LG oven with glass top and mutliple bells and whistles type add-ons like “proofer” (way too hot at 130ºF) and warming tray on the bottom. We had sold the old house along with the pretty awesome Whirlpool oven we had purchased a year or so prior since there was no point moving it 4000+ km across the country.

When I began using this fancy new LG all stainless steel, glass and digital buttons galore replete with convection, and a split 3rd shelf in the oven, I was quite pleased to see that when I set the oven temp to 450º, the oven actually got to 450º according to both the built in thermostat and my little oven thermometer. All is well with the world, I thought; a dependable oven is at hand!

Well, not so, it seems.

Yes, the oven undeniably hit its desired temp spot on when pre-heating. But that’s where it stops. Literally. Once it has reached it’s set temperature, it no longer heats up. That’s right, it just quits heating, meaning that the instant you open the oven door to steam then again to get the bread in, you lose plenty of heat and the oven simply never kicks back on. And it dips down and down and down in temperature so that the bread is now is a merely warm oven.

Oven spring? Barely any. Browning of the crust? Hardly. What you start at 450º soon hits 350… 320… 300…

And I thought, at first, I was doing something wrong with the recipes. The I popped that thermometer back in midway through the bake and found out all the heat was vanishing.

So now I need to contact the house owner (we’re renting her home) and have to see about getting this oven repaired. Hopefully, it is still under warranty but I really don’t know when she bought it other than it’s pretty new. But it is quite possibly past it’s one year mark. We’ll have to see if she’s up to getting it fixed and if it’s out of warantee, how long it will take.

In the meantime, we have to constantly turn the “bake” off and get the oven to “preheat” again to maintain the temp over a bake. Really annoying.

Until this issue can be fixed, I’m pretty much out of luck on the baking front.

Woe is me. <sad face icon here>

So when we get our own place, we’ll want to pass over the LG ovens, methinks. Pretty and full of nifty bits and bobs, that’s true, but if it cacks out mid-bake, that makes it quite useless.

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  1. I feel your pain with appliances, few things are made as well as they were even 10 years ago.

    Two years ago I had to choose between getting my basic (now) 14 year old oven fixed or buying a new one, I chose to repair my old Beaumark. The new ones look nice and glossy and as you say with the “bells and whistles”, but they don’t hold up. People laugh and tell me I’m foolish to buy the extended warranties when I buy major appliances, but in just about every case they have paid for themselves in either repairs or replacement appliances when the old item is deemed unfixable.

    I hope that your issue works out soon and you get back to baking bread! I really enjoy the breads you make, and I know it’s hard to be without an oven.
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  2. I was saddened to hear of your oven woes! As a newlywed in an apartment, while unpacking, found a gift of a 9×13 pan, complete with a box of brownies and a spatula. Score! I whipped them up…five minutes later, I could smell brownies. 15 minutes later, I could smell burning! Needless to say, a pan and the brownies were ruined….everything was baking at 600 degrees! Got the landlord to get it repaired and I was happy.

    I have a Kitchen Aid double convection oven and it has worked great for 12 years, with the exception of burning out a fuse during a cleaning cycle.

    I hope your oven is quickly repaired or replaced!

  3. Oh, sadness! =( And how frustrating….
    I hope it’s an easy fix and gets repaired soon so you can get back to baking (and posting, of course)!

  4. That this would happen to a guy like you, amazing baker, is simply preposterous!

    I have my fingers crossed for a quick solution to your problem, you NEED a working oven of the best possible quality

    hang in there… you will be back into the bread baking world soon!

    1. Nope. The very nice repair dude checked it and of course found it was not doing anything at the time. Unlike my partner and the landlady, he didn’t think I was imagining things, just that whatever it was, it wasn’t happening “right now”.

      I basically just didn’t trust the oven from then on and we moved a couple months later anyway.

      Sorry, I don’t have any suggestions for solutions here.

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