4 - Batch Baked

Bagels: For the fine Redditors

Recently, I made a batch of bagels and posted a bit about over on Reddit, here’s the much more expanded version, with recipe. THE […]

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Cinnamon Buns: glazed and iced

Cinnamon Buns, Oh My!

I’ve been pumping out a small batch of cinnamon buns at work every day for the last couple of weeks. Thought I’d just pop a […]

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The reasons why I can't have nice thighs.

Steven’s “Apple Pie Your Way”

A good online friend of mine, Steven on his blog “Made By You and I“, recently posted his method for making a fail-safe apple […]

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Fougasse By Hand

As part of our great book giveaway, the authors of “Baking By Hand”  have given me permission to include the following recipe for you […]

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Making Macarons: Can it be truly easy?

At last, we’ve gathered up the courage to make macarons, these delightful little meringue-based almond cookies that are currently extremely de rigeur in the classiest of […]

15 comments, Paul, December 30, 2011