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19 October, 2009

Why Discard Starter: A Mathematical View.

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You see this question pop up all the time in sourdough discussions: “Why do I have to discard? I hate the idea of throwing anything away. Can’t I just keep feeding the starter?” Although reducing the waste we produce as a species is a good thing, there are times when it’s actually more logical to
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9 October, 2009

Pâte Fermentée

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Pâte Fermentée is a French term that refers to a dough that is made before the bulk of the main bread dough is put together and allowed to mature or ‘ferment‘. By preparing a portion ahead of time, it can be allowed to ferment overnight (or however long) in a cool space (slowing yeast activity)
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3 August, 2009

Stretch and Fold (again)

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I figured that, since I have these steps already photographed for another entry, mainly the Vermont Sourdough post here, I may as well include them separately as their very own little “Stretch and Fold show and tell” . More show than tell, mind you. I hope this helps to show the technique well and let
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