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8 August, 2009

Le Pain Français du #BBA

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Bonjour et salut à tous! La recette d’aujourd’hui est un pain français du livre «» par le boulanger célèbre, Monsieur Peter Reinhart. And that’s all the French I’ll force you to suffer through for now. So yes, today is French Bread day in the BBA Challenge and dare I say, “it’s about time!”. Not because the
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1 August, 2009


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Welcome back, dedicated followers, first timers and anyone else who’s just stumbling on this little blog! Today’s post is going to look at my first time try at Focaccia,  Challenge recipe, where a whole whack of people are systematically going through each recipe in Peter Reinhart’s book as a personal challenge and to try out lots
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17 June, 2009

Casatiello Bread for #BBA Challenge

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I went out and bought the “special” ingredients needed for this Casatiello, an Italian “cousin” of the eggy French brioche and the fifth recipe in  Challenge. The 200 gram of Calabrese salami and the 250 gram chunk of Provolone cheese cost $12. Yipes, I thought, this had better be damn good bread. Just as a test
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29 May, 2009

Brioche: a quasi-fail (#bba)

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Sometimes you think you’re doing the right thing but it turns out you’re not. This was one of those times. Although, in reality, it’s a small problem and nothing that can’t be resolved by EATING THE EVIDENCE. Still, it would have been nice to get it a little closer to “right”. Woe is me. Let
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5 May, 2009

Bread Baker’s Apprentice Challenge #BBA

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PinchMySalt, a.k.a. Nicole of the (yummy and gorgeous) PinchMySalt blog, has set up a challenge that will surely prove tobe a ton of fun and very educational. She’s invited people, novice or otherwise, to join in and do all the recipes in the great Peter Reinhart book (Click the link or cover below to get your
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