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1 April, 2014

Meet Renée, le petit Boulanger

Meet Renée, le petit Boulanger
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Meet Renée, the Boulanger at Le Pain de Molitg | flour-and-spice-blog. Here’s a great post (one of several so far) from the relatively new Flour-And-Spice blog by Tia, about Renée, a dedicated artisan baker from Molitg, in the south of France. Running his small scale operation, he and his assistant produce 150 to 400 loaves of bread
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24 May, 2008

Starter Maintenance: Regular feeds

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There are several ways to keep a starter, relating to it’s thickness: a “wet” starter which is like a thin cake batter a thick pancake batter type, as seen in the photo above a stiff starter that looks like a ball of bread dough There are advantages to each but for our purposes in this post,
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