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14 February, 2010

BBA White Bread

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White bread. “Bailed fog”. Home version of Wonder Bread. Basically, the antithesis of flavourful, textured and nuanced artisanal breads. Enriched soft bread, thin of crust, fluffy and unexceptional of crumb. Had to get to this at some point, right? OK, so sliced white bread is not entirely “evil” after all, it’s the standard backdrop for
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19 September, 2009

Light Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread

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Here we are at  Challenge recipe #18. Wow, we’re almost half way! This time, were’ making what is  expected to be a more typical sandwich bread, what your basic sliced white bread from the grocery store should be like. Except much tastier, of course and without all the chemical preservatives. Personally, fluffy bread like this isn’t
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