New stove’s here! More bread imminent!

Hooray and yippeee!

My god, what a load of buttons! Pre-heat, RAPID Preheat, Bake, CONTROL Bake, Convection, Broil… and a whole bunch more for the cook top, as well as other things there’s not buttons for (“Accutemp”, etc.), Steam Cleaning, Double Burners, when to use the Rapid Preheat and when not to… 

I can see this thing taking a few tries and likely glitches to learn and get used to it’s multiple functions. I’ll have to look online for video classes on steering this jet.


Then there’s that “New Stove Smell”. Gotta burn that stuff off quickly so we can get baking (there’s some coating on the glass top too that has to get fried off). And it needs to be done when it’s nice enough outside to put the parrot there so she’s awys from deadly fumes during this starter stage. Hopefully this weekend.


Slight Visual Let-down. 

Now I know I ordered the white stove specifically because all the other appliances are white. But because it replaces a white stove this fancy schmancy new stove looks… remarkably not much different from the old one. It’s hardly noticeable (visually) we’ve just upped the grade level 300% (money wise). Oh well. It’s what it can do and how well it can do it that we were after, not visuals. And definitely not in that kitchen (someday I may rant about horrid kitchen design some people force other people to suffer.)

I gave it a first run today and cranked up the temp to 550ºF with convection on, though empty. Glad I did. There were small bits of fiberglass insulations spewing out. Would have been not so good if they’d landed on a pie or casserole and become invisible.

I’m still totally excited. Looking forward to hopefully being relatively stink-free by this weekend so I can do a test loaf and get a feel for this convection stuff. Maybe the inaugural bake will just be cookies, though.

I’ll be back once I’ve tossed something in to bake. Wish me luck! 

This is gonna be fun.

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