Meet Renée, le petit Boulanger

Meet Renée, the Boulanger at Le Pain de Molitg | flour-and-spice-blog.

Renee in front of his oven at Pain de Molitg

Here’s a great post (one of several so far) from the relatively new Flour-And-Spice blog by Tia, about Renée, a dedicated artisan baker from Molitg, in the south of France. Running his small scale operation, he and his assistant produce 150 to 400 loaves of bread three days a week, depending on the season. All artisanal, all as organic as they can be. He sells his wares at a local market in Prades and anything not sold that day goes to a co-op shop.

Hop over to Flour and Spice to read the posts on this ambitious small baker.

2 thoughts on “Meet Renée, le petit Boulanger

  1. Sir The Bread Overlord, Kind of all things Bread-y


    Oh Renee! You and your short shorts and grandpa hat, such swag and banterous behaviour. When I was a young baker in the 1820′s, I too used to have such style and charisma which then inspired me to create such amazing bakes using my secret ingredient: potato. I haven’t told many people of my secret but, young Renee, you deserve such knowledge and power. With this secret, you too may go on to win the title of Juxtaposition manager of the year.

    I, Sir The Bread Overlord, Kind of all things Bread-y, OBE, Professor of the dark arts of yeast, Juxtaposition manager of the year, have achieved great things. Once upon a time I served bread to the King of Cambodia, serving him great loads of potato bread. However, to my horror, a great culinary disaster occurred! My secret potato ingredient was missing. Who could the mystery thief be? Then it struck me. it was my arch rival… Jennifer and her evil minion, Nigella Lawson. I decided to travel to Mount Doom, fighting Orcs with my trusty bread knife and avoiding the tomato patch. Finally, I reached Mount Doom and there, standing directly in front of me was Jennifer and Nigella Lawson with potato. After many seconds of throwing baker’s knifes towards my foes, I prodded both Jennifer and Nigella Lawson into the fiery pits of Mount Doom. Mwahahahahaah *cough cough* gigglehahaha.

    I then preceded to the Kindom of Cambodia and received a hero’s welcome. potato was placed into the bread and the King lived happily ever after, then died :’(

    Bread is love, Bread is life.

    Kind Regards,

    Sir The Bread Overlord, Kind of all things Bread-y, OBE, Professor of the dark arts of yeast, Juxtaposition manager of the year


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